• Games Development

    Development of Games using engines like: UNITY 3D, COCOS 2D, Torque, SIO2, Oolong, etc.

    Vita-Mobile provides high-quality game development including graphic design, character development, programming, mathematics, sound/music producing, level design, and game testing.

  • Office and Medical applications

    Development of office applications and applications for medical needs.

  • BlueTooth & WiFi

    Connection of the iPhone/iPad with external devices through BlueTooth and WiFi protocols

  • GPS & Navigation

    Development of applications to work with the GPS

  • Maps integration

    Integration with various maps like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Bing Maps

  • Web-services integration

    Integration with the already existing or in-work web-services like e-shops, forums, billboards, news- and RSS-channels

  • Radio and Video online

    Development of applications for listening to streaming radio or watching streaming video online

Vita-Mobile in Action