Why Vita-Mobile?

  • You and Vita-Mobile are a One Sole Body

    Being the body's brain you can easily conduct it online from anywhere: home, office, garage, etc. Simple use the projects management system and source code repository (SVN repository) which are available from our website 24/7

  • Transparent and reliable development process

    Every week updates, strong QA, detailed specification — see for yourself that this allows to develop ideally working applications.

    Here are the major components, which insure perfect functioning on your application:

    Step 1 — Working out and coordinating with you a detailed application specification, upon which further development will be carried out.This step includes the following points:

    • writing a detailed specification that precisely describes each of the application functions;
    • creating a mock-up design of an application;
    • working out user interface applying engineering psychology to achieve the best product ergonomics possible.

    Step 2 — Working out application architecture, application development, multilevel testing, quality assurance control.At this stage you can evaluate online the application development process, receive the latest application versions and test its functioning on iPhone and/or iPad devices.

    Step 3 — Helping to implement the ready application and place it in the Apple Store.

  • Fast prototype application development

    Would you like to get a low cost prototype of your product for testing purposes? Get it now, do not procrastinate!

    Especially for such cases as yours we are offering fast creation of prototypes of your ideas. The prototype can be created according to your description within a short time frame and at a moderate cost. You can then use it for testing and marketing purposes.

  • Thought-out customer support

    We are proud of the quality of our services and we are not afraid of giving a longtime guarantee for them. The development service guarantee begins with a two-months term and can be prolonged until the end of the application life cycle.

    Besides free debugging of an application after its release we also include free consulting aid for you and your engineers on the questions concerning the developed application and placing your product in the Apple Store.

  • Discount plans for permanent clients

    We have a great series of discount plans for our regular customers.

    For example, if you bought US$ 5,000 worth of our services, then for the next project you will have a 3% discount, if you bought US$ 10,000 worth of our services - 5% discount, US$ 20,000 give you 7% discount, US$ 40,000+ - 10% discount.

Vita-Mobile in Action