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Vita-Mobile has been a valuable and reliable partner for my company in the fast-developing world of iPhone software development. They have offered us fast turnaround, quality service, and prompt attention to all our concerns. Our first two iPhone products - DoctorEM and WellCheck, are a result of our partnership and may be found on the Apple iTunes store.

Rick VonderBrink
Graysoap Design


Description An arcade-like game where the user has to catch the rolling eggs before they hit the ground
Technologies Cocos 2D engine, Objective C
Features Local and global (online) tables of highest scores
Development Time 5 days
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WellCheck is designed for practicing physicians, residents, and medical students who provide routine well care to children.

WellCheck summarizes the care provided at all planned well visits for children between birth and five years of age. Users may quickly find expected milestones in:

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Language
  • Social Interaction

WellCheck also provides a list of recommended immunizations and growth charts for each visit, as well as safety, nutrition, and guidance information.

Although designed for medical professionals, WellCheck can also be used by parents to plan for well encounters and to monitor their child's development.

As noted in the requirements below, WellCheck does NOT work on the first generation iPod Touch.

Technologies Objective C
Features XML data container
Development Time 5 days
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DoctorEM is designed to assist physicians in generating the appropriate codes for different levels of Evaluation and Management services.

Simply enter the elements of your history (history of present illness, review of systems, and family/social history) and DoctorEM will calculate the appropriate code. All codes are based on 1997 Medicare guidelines.

A wide variety of visit types are supported, including office visits, consults, and hospital visits for new and established patients.

DoctorEM will more than pay for itself with a single use, as the cost of a single missed code is several times the cost of this program.

Technologies Objective C
Features Wide range of visit types, XML data container
Development Time 7 days
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