Light Runner Galaxy

Description Light Runner Galaxy: A fast-paced action game, takes place in the distant future, several light-years and galaxies away. Humans (now referred to as Neipas) have marveled at the greatness of their technological exploits and managed to colonize beyond the Milkyway Galaxy. The planet Agnora, climatically ideal and rich in resources has become the largest Neipas settlement outside of planet Earth. There’s only one problem, intergalactic pirates are claiming ownership, and will eliminate anyone in their path to get it. Alien invaders have raided Agnora, however, an elite fighting force fended them off. Although Neipas won the battle, there were excessive casualties. The Neipas general, also known as “The Light Runner” has been killed, and their army was dismantled. Neipas have begun a desperate search for the next Light Runner to assemble a new army and defend the Neipas race. A rigorous simulator has been created to find the fastest, strongest, and smartest Neipas to become the next Light Runner. You play Alpha, an experienced marksman, soldier, genius and former athlete. Alpha is a highly respected scholar and warrior, in fact, he in one of the few Neipas with potential to become the next Light Runner. Alpha is faced with the chance of a lifetime…to become a lifelong hero, legend, congregator and leader of an elite army to protect the Neipas race from foreign invasion. However, the Light Runner Gauntlet is extremely difficult, and most Neipas that entered it have failed miserably. Does Alpha have what it takes, and will you become the next Light Runner?
Technologies Cocos 2D engine, Objective C
Features Complex 2D graphics, OpenFient global scoring system integrated
Development Time 2 months
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