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Working with Vita-Mobile has been a good experience for our company. Their approach is very professional, and they respond to our requests/questions in a timely manner. We will definitely work with them in the future and highly recommend their services.

Jason Horne
FanAmp Sports




Does your team have the loudest fans in all of sports? Is your team's venue the loudest to play in?

Decide for yourself. Download FanAmp to your iPhone and capture the noise generated by the crowd during key moments of your team’s games. Then share your results with the rest of the country with the touch of a button. FanAmp’s website will capture the readings, sort and rank them along with results from other fans. FanAmp also allows you to measure sound levels while utilizing video. Instantly upload the video to the internet so that fans everywhere can see the highlights along with the noise level of the crowd.
Technologies Objective C
Features YouTube integration, video recording, noise measure
Development Time 2 weeks
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Vita-Mobile in Action